What Measures We are Taking To Keep Sellers And The Community Safe.

•All sellers, visitors, and staff must be wearing masks. We will provide masks to those who do not have their own. It is mandatory and we are happy to provide visitors masks upon arrival.

•Limited capacity. We will be limiting the number of visitors to the venue at all times. We have an exceptionally large space and can accommodate all visitors. Visitors will need to line up prior to entering. We will allow visitors in as visitors leave.

•We have decreased the number of sellers in our markets from 60 to 40. To help sellers adhere to social distancing.

•Floor maps will provide visitors a center lane for walking. A left lane and right lane stopping zone. To easily navigate and help visitors adhere to social distancing.

•All visitors will be required to sanitize prior to entering the venue. The sanitizer will be provided to visitors.

•No outside food or drink will be permitted in the venue. We will have coffee, food and drinks in the venue for vendors and customers. 

Together We Can Be Safe And Support Small Businesses.